Athens Premises Liability Lawyer

Having a guest over never really crosses people’s minds as dangerous, but it can be. When an individual gets hurt on another’s property, many people do not realize that the property owner can be held responsible if the accident was preventable. If you have sustained injuries on another party’s property, such as a house, restaurant, store or hotel, you may be eligible to fight back for justice. Contact an Athens premises liability lawyer today.

You may be entitled to compensation if:

  • The property owner knew about the danger and should have taken necessary precautions to fix it at an earlier date to prevent any injuries.
  • The property owner was responsible for the unsafe conditions, such as having an object blocking a walkway when it could have been stored in a safer place or knowingly having a broken staircase.
  • The property owner knew that there were hazardous objects on his premises and failed to correct the conditions.

Are Landlords Liable for Injuries

When would a landlord be liable for a tenant’s injuries? Just because a tenant was injured in the rental property does not necessarily mean that the landlord can be held responsible. Not only does a landlord have to be proven negligent, but the injury must have been foreseeable.

For instance, if a handrail is faulty, and a tenant falls because of this, then this was a foreseeable injury. The landlord would be considered negligent if he or she knew about the problem and did not take reasonably fast enough measures to repair the handrail.

If a tenant is vulnerable to criminal acts because of a landlord’s negligence, then this too would make a landlord liable. For example, if a landlord fails to install a deadbolt on the door and to ensure that all windows are able to lock, and a burglar enters through either of these portals, then the landlord could be liable.

In fact, if a common area (a parking lot perhaps) is poorly lit because a landlord failed to install sufficient light, and a tenant is attacked, then a landlord could be held liable.

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