Athens Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

As defined by Athens law, a pedestrian is someone who is on foot outside of an establishment, on a sidewalk, on a road. Being involved in an accident involving a pedestrian may be a traumatic situation. Whether the pedestrian or the driver of the car, you may now be dealing with a situation where you are facing high medical bills and many complex issues that need to be resolved. The question will be how you can do this while still trying to recover and move on with your life. Experienced pedestrian accident lawyers understand this, and they can help deal with the legal matters while you focus on your recovery. An Athens pedestrian accident lawyer will have the local knowledge and experience that may be helpful when bringing your claim to trial.

Liability in Pedestrian Accident Cases

Cell phones are common causes of pedestrian accident cases because distracted drivers not paying attention in crosswalks. A pedestrian is lawfully in the crosswalk if it is their turn to cross. Driving distracted increases the likelihood of hitting a pedestrian crossing the street. Pedestrian accidents often occur in more rural areas where there are no sidewalks. While these tragic accidents are often the fault of the motorist, a pedestrian is not automatically blame-free in a collision. Both drivers and pedestrians have duties to uphold, so if either of them fails in these duties, they could be held liable for the car-pedestrian accident.

A pedestrian would receive liability for a crash if they were jaywalking, going against traffic signals, or crossing highways that lack traffic signals altogether. A pedestrian would also be faulted for an accident if they were walking on the freeway or highway, on bridges, or anywhere else it is illegal to walk without the justification of an emergency. Any of these actions would constitute negligence on the part of the pedestrian. It may be vital to contact an Athens pedestrian accident lawyer regarding liability in an individual’s case.

Contributory Negligence

In Georgia, any negligence at all would disqualify a personal injury plaintiff from collecting compensation. Despite suffering grievous, even life-threatening injuries in an accident, a pedestrian would not be able to be compensated if they were at fault in any way, regardless of how little their negligence contributed to the crash. This is because of contributory negligence. Even if a plaintiff is found to be a mere 10 percent at fault for the accident, for example, they forfeit the right to compensation.

Collisions Involving Multiple Vehicles

Athens pedestrian accident lawyers often get asked about the weight of vehicles involved in pedestrian accidents. If an auto accident involves multiple vehicles, oftentimes the vehicles will weigh approximately the same. There will be damage to the vehicles but some protection because of science and engineering development. When a vehicle hits a person, whether it is high-speed or not, it is likely to cause severe fractures, broken bones, and can cause a brain injury and spinal injuries. Pedestrians are unprotected, unlike passengers in a car. Pedestrians can be harder to see and it is important for pedestrians to pay attention because drivers may not be.

Differences Between Pedestrian Accidents and Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists in Athens typically have a lane of travel they are permitted to be in on the road. As long as they are following the traffic safety rules in their lane of travel, they cannot be responsible necessarily if something were to happen. Sometimes pedestrians are not as careful with making sure to wait until the traffic lights say the person can cross. If a bicyclist was in an area without a designated bike lane, had to travel on the sidewalk, or was crossing an intersection they would be considered a pedestrian if they were in an accident.

Contacting an Attorney

Athens pedestrian accident lawyers are committed to helping our clients rebuild their lives as much as possible in the wake of pedestrian accidents. It is important to make sure your financial needs are addressed, as well as the specific aspects of your claim to help ensure you have the best opportunity of getting the help you need for medical bills, any lost earnings from missed work, and other expenses or injuries. As anyone who has been seriously injured may attest, it is often difficult to move on.

Attorneys are prepared to provide their client one-on-one attention, access to accident reconstruction specialists, medical professionals, and expert witnesses. It may be critical to the outcome of your case to speak with a local attorney before going to trial.